Welcome to the Backyard Blog!
We hope to inspire you to learn and play outside with your family and community.

My name is Amy.  I am the mom the three wild, crazy, adventurous, filthy little boys.  Nothing in the world makes me happier than to see my boys outside playing and exploring their natural world together.  I truly believe that we are happier and healthier as a family because we've embraced this ethic of nature play every day.

Kids (and adults, and families, and whole neighborhoods) benefit from structured and unstructured outside playtime:
  • Kids who play outside enjoy better physical health, better performance in schools, better mental health, and better interpersonal relationships according to the National Wildlife Foundation 
  • Spending time in nature helps reduce stress according to Richard Louv 
  • Connecting children to nature can help prevent obesity and diabetes according to the National Environmental Education Foundation
  •  Playing outside as a family helps to foster better familial relationships according to Psychology Today
  • Playing outside helps develop our "perceptual abilities" by maximizing the use of each of our five senses according to Livestrong.com
  • Outdoor activities help to improve skills of creativity and focus according to LetsMove.gov

My goal at the One Great Backyard blog is to fill your head with ideas about ways to get outside with your family. I hope to inspire you to leave behind sedentary screen time and regain control of your family's health and well being by encouraging an ethic of outside, community play.

Go on, get outside and play a little.

If you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.