Sunday, July 29, 2012

Waiting for the Sun to Shine

It's inevitable. Some days, our outdoor exploring comes to a screeching halt when the rain falls. Entertaining three energetic boys inside for an afternoon can seem like an impossible task, if the goals include not breaking anything or taking out every toy, game, and puzzle in the house.

On a recent rainy afternoon, we squeezed in an art lesson with a fun tracing craft. When the rain cleared, we were ready to catch those rays with our classic art inspired sun catchers. An added plus, from the boys' perspective, was license to use permanent markers that are usually kept under lock and key.

Classic Art Sun Catchers
Art book
Tracing paper or wax paper
Permanent markers

We started by flipping through several art books, then stopping to look at and discuss those paintings that caught the boys' interests. It took them a while to get interested but were eventually intrigued by some of the artists stories.

We then taped the tracing paper over their favorite pictures and they started to trace.
As an added plus: we talked about lying, stealing, plagiarism, and artistic license.

We traced a thick black line around our tracings, cut out the sun catchers, and taped them on their bedroom window.

When the sun came out, the sun catchers were ready to be admired...from the backyard.

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