Thursday, December 27, 2012

The After Christmas Glow

I hope that you and your family had a truly wonderful Christmas!  

I know that we did.  It's been colder here, but we were spared the snow that our northern neighbors got.  I personally missed the white Christmas!  But we were able to enjoy an afternoon at the park today without snow boots and winter coats, so that's something!

As much as I try to make Christmas not about the gifts, after a morning spent with family opening said gifts, I can't help but encourage the boys to enjoy those gifts and all the love they were wrapped in.  And this was a good year for gifts.  Lots of games, books, crafts, and things to be enjoyed outside as a family.

From under this year's tree, here are a few of our favorite outdoor gifts:

  1. skateboards, helmets, and pads
  2. street hockey goal, sticks, and balls
  3. walkie talkies that have the boys tromping all through the yard just to find each other again
  4. a mini trampoline
  5. lots of tools
  6. and a tent big enough for our family
What was under your tree this year and how have you enjoyed Christmas outside?

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