Saturday, December 22, 2012


Preschool Activities
I wanted to do one last fun crafty activity with the kids before the craziness of Christmas Eve services started.  After today's activities, we'll spend every evening at church serving and attending services.

So I pulled out paper plates and red and green bingo stampers.  The older kids cut out the middle circle leaving a wreath of paper around the edges of the plates.  Then the kids decorated with their stampers.  My oldest filled in almost every space with green before strategically placing red berries on his wreath.  My middle child alternated colors until his wreathed was filled in rather randomly.  And my littlest grabbed both stampers, stamped his wreath a few times, the table, his leg and called it done.  I just love to sit back and watch the process.

Family Activities
We've received so many Christmas cards already from wonderful family members and friends.  I had the boys help me attach our cards to an old foam wreath form with a few straight pins.  As we pinned each card, we read the message aloud and prayed for the family that sent it.

Service Activities
Find someone who is feeling sad today and give them a hug - circle them in love.
Don't forget to invite someone to the Christmas Eve service at your church.

Bagel wreaths:
Mix green food coloring into plain cream cheese.  Spread cream cheese onto half of a mini bagel.  Top with dried cranberries. 

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
The Holy and the Ivy
On Christmas Night

Mama's Wreaths, by Julia Taylor Ebel (to read aloud with the older ones)

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